• Robots

    Magical robots

  • Jewellery boxes

    approx 25 x 25 x 10 cm

    It is often claimed that necessity is the mother of invention. I love necessities and am always on the lookout for them. Now a multitude of rings is not strictly a necessity but together they do create one of their own. That is where I see a problem that I can solve and so set about it. Not in a pragmatic manner but in a way in keeping with the nature of the problem. Always with the intention of bringing a smile to the face of the person who discovers it for the first time and for the owner every time they touch it.

    This two layer watch box is made from European Pear, steamed pear, mahogony, holly and smoked oak. Lined with suede.

    This three layer ring box in American Maple was made to hold at least 24 rings. The lid is inlaid with teak, poplar, walnut and maple. The trays are lined with suede.

    To ring in the changes this three layer ring box was made in American Walnut again it holds at least 24 rings. The lid is inlaid with teak, poplar, walnut and maple. The trays are lined with suede.

  • Jewellery cabinets

    Jewellery boxes are one thing but sometimes there is need for a bit more storage. A jewellery cabinet might not be quite big enough to house the crown jewels but for humble subjects at court there will never be a need to return a diamond ring or pearl necklace to his majesty again because you simply don’t have the space.

    These jewellery cabinets are made from solid maple, with quilted mapel panels. The drawer fronts in natural and steamed pear and lacewood (Louro Faia). With silver-inlaid drawer pulls and suede-lined drawers. Both models are 32cm, wide 63cm long and 73cm high.

  • Room divider

    Divide and conquer

    A piece of furniture that can bring a room together through hiding something temporarily from view. This design incorporates my own design of hinges that are different from the usual screen door hinges. These solid brass hinges allow the screen to be folded flat in both directions

    Solid maple, walnut and elm with hand cut inlay.

    This room divider stands 190cm high with panels 50cm wide

  • Drinks Cabinets


    Here again my Scottish heritage has influenced the styling of this contemporary yet classical drinks cabinet.

    This is a solid wooden piece. The revolving door has maple, walnut and elm sections to imitate tartan fabric and is inlayed with walnut and maple. The bronze posts and brass railings, custom made in our own workshop, keep a modest collection of choice malts and fine glassware safe. The American maple and quilted maple, American walnut and elm used in this drinks cabinets come from sustainably managed resources. The cabinet stands 100cm tall is 29.5cm wide 50.5cm long.

    The cabinet’s feet are a whimsical ode to the ball and claw feet of yesteryear. Unlike the ball and claw the protrusion in my design points inwards, as to literally not get under your feet